Head Sail Furler Assembly

Head Sail Furler Assembly

  1. Silence Tube

    There is a full length silence tube between spar connectors. No metal to metal contact.

  2. Monel Rivets

    Are used to fasten spar connectors. Simple, rugged.

  3. Twin Grooves

    The main spar has two large grooves to fit bolt rope sails. All models can incorporate the downloader.

  4. Spar Connectors

    Are machined on the sides to give precision fit, which give maximum torsional strength.

  5. Rylock

    Impossible to have crossed wires on assembly due to the button.

  6. Button


Stainless Steel

Halyard car


Bearings in main lower unit and halyard car are precision hardened and ground sealed in neoprene, which ensures a maintenance free system.

Positive Locking Pawl

Our system has a positive locking mechanical pawl. Like your primary winch. When you reef, drum is locked at every revolution, giving maximum sailing performance. Other furling systems, when reefed are continually moving, due to stretch of the reef line. Pawl is released by a simple lever (hyfield) at helmsman position. This feature is only available on “Reef Rite”. With a normal furling system, a broken reef line means you suddenly have full sail.

Radial Adjustment

360° adjustment given to accurately align rope belt to the first rope guide.

Forestay Adjustment

All Models


Bearing and seals are available throughout the world.